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Glide Tony the trash cleaning robot over the open ocean, grabbing all the trash you can see! You must hurry and take the target amount of trash to your floating recycler before the timer runs out! 

Trash Grab was made in 32 hours as part of the UKIE Green Game Jam by Games Art Students of Warwickshire College, Leamington Spa. The game contains a physics based player controller, randomly generated levels, and a ramp in difficulty after each round.

Students Involved : 

- Bradley Dalimer (Lead & Programmer)

- Harry Tucker (Technical Artist)

- Josh Thomson (3D Artist)

- Josh Zaparaniuk (3D Artist)

- George Fisher (3D Artist)

- Sam Worth (2D Artist) 

 Audio: www.freesound.org 

Music: Roundup On The Prairie - by Aaron Kenny (Youtube Audio Library)


TrashCrab_v1.0.zip 29 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!